"I was never really good at anything, except for the ability to learn." - Kanye West


Kai Bush

Growing up in New York City, I was always surrounded by art: museums, graffiti, NY Fashion Week and much more. Encompassed by these elements, my imagination blossomed and thrived to be explored. As a musician in high school, I found one love for art but it never felt more than a hobby. My creative bones didn't completely kick in until I was 19 and had failed out of my first year of college. I came home and unintentionally submerged myself into art galleries, film and learning about cameras. My new passions led me interning for Karmaloop TV, recording the daily activities of World Renowned music engineer Young Guru and working towards mastering my craft.  Capturing life through a lens enabled me to document parts of my life and others through my eccentric and unpredictable thoughts. As a self diagnosed autodidact, most of my art knowledge and experience is self taught. I have a long way to go, but as long as I have my camera next to me, I will strive to perfect my craft and share my vision with others.





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